ActionSA inaugural policy conference success

More than six hundred ActionSA delegates from across South Africa gathered at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg between 12 – 14 September 2023 for the party’s first policy conference.

ActionSA inaugural policy conference success

Despite being only three years old, the relative newcomer to the political scene has made significant strides in local elections across the country.

After months of traversing the country to engage with and gain insight from ordinary citizens, the party reached amendments to its policy offering ahead of next year’s general election.

Overview of the Conference

A key theme throughout the three-day policy conference emphasised the need for efficient implementation of policies to provide the people of South Africa with a functional, accountable government at all levels. The party also set out to show it is not only an urban party but that it sees the potential of empowering those in the rural communities. 

Party president, Mr Herman Mashaba stated they would launch a fund that would help entrepreneurs and those seeking tertiary education as a means to tackling inequality and creating income opportunities. He also spoke about implementing a competitive and decentralised energy sector to put an end to load-shedding. 

In his closing remarks, Mr Mashaba revealed that if the party were to take office in 2024, they would immediately reduce the cabinet to approximately 20 members with no deputy ministers. 

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Policy amendments 

ActionSA delegates adopted various policies on economic justice, law-and-order, corruption, public service, rural development, and traditional affairs, as well as a foreign policy. Some of the amendments adopted include:


  • At least one government clinic in each area offers a 24-hour service specifically designed to assist children and people with drug abuse issues.

Rural development and traditional affairs:

  • Provision for a comprehensive training program for traditional leaders that includes Management, Basics of Law, Human Rights, and multilingual communication skills.

Public Service:

  • Improve public comprehension and participation by including public administration education at the mainstream school level. 


  • Introduce a red list of companies and individuals under investigation for corruption and/or fraud. Ensure bid adjudication committees implement additional due diligence mechanisms for those on the list.

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Plans for 2024

Party leaders have formulated an operation plan that includes a communications framework that is underpinned by the party’s vision articulated in The South African Dream in February 2023. With branches in 25% of wards across the country and a 145,000-strong membership base, they have also implemented structures on the ground to engage with voters in all 9 provinces in the coming months. The party aims to achieve a minimum of 10% in the 2024 general elections which equates to at least 40 MPs at national level.