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UK could produce Brexit commemorative coins, hints treasury minister


Britain could produce a new set of coins to commemorate Britain leaving the European Union, a treasury minister has hinted.

A number of Tory MPs have written to the Treasury, calling on the department to forge a new set of coins marking Brexit.

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Robert Jenrick replied to the idea saying he can see the argument for the suggestion, when approached by the Sun newspaper.

A Treasury spokesperson confirmed Mr Jenrick’s comments, “namely that there could be an argument for the coins.”

As recommendations on themes of coins are made by the Royal Mint Advisory Committee, who are independent of the Treasury, the suggestion has been passed to them.

The Brexit coins would come two decades after the Royal Mint produced a special 50 pencecoin to mark the 25th anniversary of Britain joining the European Economic Community.

For the coins to be produced, the Royal Mint Advisory Committee would have to come up with a design which would then require Phillip Hammond, the chancellor, to approve.

The design would then be sent to Buckingham Palace for the Queen to give her royal consent.

Any decision by the Royal Mint to produce designs would be a stark contrast to the Royal Mail after it refused to make a series of stamps to mark Brexit.

The Royal Mail said it had no plans to commemorate the moment as it was not an important anniversary.



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