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Indonesia attacks: Four men who stormed police headquarters with samurai swords shot dead


Four samurai sword wielding men who attacked a police headquarters in Indonesiahave been shot dead.

One person died and three others were injured when the men drove their car into a yard and launched their assault in the central city ofPekanbaru.

The men are thought to have been members ofJemaahAnsharutDaulah(JAD), a group affiliatedwithIsis, as it took placedaysafterthe country faced a wave of suicide bombings from the militant group.

Two officers were wounded while another was killed when he was hit by the car, as one of the men tried to escape. Ajournalistwasalsoinjuredby the vehicle.

The driver was laterarrested saidSetyoWasisto,national police spokesman.

One of the men reportedly had a bomb strapped to his body, although this is not be confirmed.TV footage showed one man lying on the ground with a long sword next to his body.

Indonesiahasbeen hit with a series of attacks in recent months, many of which have been attributedJAD.

Members of a single family carried out a suicide bombing at the police headquarters in Surabaya days after another family, with whom they were friends, launched coordinated suicide blasts on churches in the same city.

Police suspect they were a cell of the Isis-inspired group, which isontheUSState Department terrorist list. It is thought to havedrawn hundreds of Indonesian Isis sympathisers.

After some major successes tackling Islamist militancy since 2001, Indonesia has seen a resurgence in recent years.

In January 2016 when four suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a shopping area in the capital, Jakarta.

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