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Labour would close down Yarls Wood and end governments hostile environment policy, says Diane Abbott


The Labour Partywill end the governments hostile environment policy and close theYarls Woodand Brook House immigration detention centres if it gets into power,according toshadow home secretaryDiane Abbott.

It would then commit more than 20ma year saved from their closure, to pay for extra services to support the survivors of modern slavery, traffickingand domestic violence, she said in the second of a series of speeches on immigration.

Ministers should end the scandalous practice of children born in Britain being made to pay large fees for citizenship, she added, before pledging toban private contractors such asG4Sfrom taking on future contracts to run immigration detention services.

Her comments came theday after Home Secretary SajidJavid admitted that more than 60 people may had been wrongfully deported or removed from the UK amid the deepening Windrush scandal.

Speaking to the Home Affairs Committee, Sajid Javid revealed the Home Office was investigating 63 cases of Caribbean nationals who may have been removed from the country,despite living in the UK legally for decades.

Of the 63 cases, MrJavidsaid 32 were foreign national offenders and 31 were administrative removals of which he said all but one were voluntary removals, meaning they left because they received letters saying they must leave.

The home secretarys admission camea week after immigration minister CarolineNokestold the same committee she was not aware of any wrongful deportations ofWindrushimmigrants. Moments later, Home Office official HughIndtoldMPsthe figure was up to five.

Ms Abbott said: The Windrush scandal goes to the very heart of Theresa Mays hostile environment policy it was not accidental it is a direct consequence of government policy.

“The next Labour government will repeal all those parts of the immigration legislation that were introduced to support it. We will rescind all Home Office instructions to carry it out, and we will remove all obligations on landlords, employers and others to enact it.

She added that Mr Javid”made a promise to make things right for the people who have been treated so appallingly by his government.”

She said: “He should start by restoring full rights of citizenship for all Commonwealth citizens, which his party removed and which has contributed to the tragedies that have fallen on the Windrush generation.



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